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Our Growler Bar

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We have a state of the art Growler Bar from Canadian Growler.

Our unique Craft Beer filling station features the Pegas bottling system which ensures your favorite beer or cider will remain fresh for several weeks if kept refrigerated.

If you are a beer lover you will love our selection of craft beer, which changes frequently as kegs are emptied. Learn more about our Growler Bar here:

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Beer Shak News

It's that time of the week again, time for our Growler Update!

Currently on tap:

Strongbow Gold $3.00/L *On sale while quantities last*

Rhyme & Reason Extra Pale Ale $7.25/L

State of Mind IPA $7.25/L

Okanagan Spring Black Lager $7.15/L

Alley Kat Ein Prosit $7.30/L

Belgian Moon $6.50/L

Okanagan Spring Sonder Hefeweizen $4.25/L *On sale while quantities last*

Big Rock The Great Cherry Farini $6.50/L


Good afternoon,

Just a quick update to let you know what's currently on the Growler Bar.

Somersby Cider $8.15/L

Collective Arts State of Mind Session IPA $7.25/L

Collective Arts Rhyme & Reason Extra Pale Ale $7.25/L

Belgian Moon $6.50/L (Currently only available on tap in Alberta, bottles soon to follow)

Alley Kat Ein Prosit $7.30/L (This years Oktoberfest beer from Alley Kat.)

Okanagan Spring Black Lager $7.15/L

Big Rock The Great Cherry Farini $6.50/L

Okanagan Spring Sonder Hefeweizen $7.15/L


Can't find that special product you like in our store?

tape glass5The Beer Shak liquor store features a large assortment of wines, (both domestic and import), beers, craft beers, spirits, ciders, coolers and specialty gift-wares for every budget, however, we may not have the brand or item you would like.

Please let us know so we can provide Custom Order for your "hard to find" items. Come in and shop in our warm, inviting Boutique style setting. Find out for yourself why every one in town is talking about The Beer Shak.

A Growler filling station uses CO2 to properly fill craft beer in a cost saving refillable bottle. The filling station purges out the air using CO2 before the growler is filled with beer which allows the perfect mix of CO2 saturation and ensures the beer is never exposed to oxygen while filling. The pressure is also equalized between the keg and the growler and you also get quicker, foam free, and mess-free growler fill. The end result is a better tasting and longer lasting Growler.

The Beer Shak is proud to provide this unique craft beer to Beer Lovers! Come visit us today for a taster.

The following list is what you will currently find on our Growler Bar:

  • Granville Island Raspberry $7.25/L
  • Granville Island Two Tides ISA $7.25/L
  • Okanagan Spring Black Lager $7.10/L
  • Unibroue Fin Du Monde $8.65/L Wild Rose Keller Bock $6.45/L
  • Big Rock Wai-iti Wheat Ale $7.00/L
  • Strongbow Gold $8.50/L
  • Alley Kat Apricat $6.75/L

Come on in and fill your growler bottle with something new, see ya soon!


Join us at The Life & Leisure Show this weekend in the Grant Fuhr Arena for the Taste of Spruce Grove.

We have many new products for sampling and there are 8 food vendors on site.

Check the Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce website for more details!


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