The Beer Shak Growler Bar

What is a Growler?

A Growler filling station uses CO2 to properly fill craft beer in a cost saving refillable bottle. The filling station purges out the air using CO2 before the growler is filled with beer which allows the perfect mix of CO2 saturation and ensures the beer is never exposed to oxygen while filling. The pressure is also equalized between the keg and the growler and you also get quicker, foam free, and mess-free growler fill. The end result is a better tasting and longer lasting Growler.

The Beer Shak is proud to provide this unique craft beer to Beer Lovers! Come visit us today for a taster.

Our Growler Station

The Beer Shak Growler Bar

Our Growler Bar

We have a state of the art Growler Bar from Canadian Growler. This Craft Beer filling station features the Pegas bottling system which ensures your favorite beer or cider will remain fresh for several weeks if kept refrigerated.

We are all excited to let you know that we have a Growler station up and running and we can’t wait to help you purchase your first, but not last, Growler. If you don’t know what we are talking about you need to stop by the store. Kegs are changed frequently as these beers move fast.

Growler Updates

Kegs are changed on a frequent basis and new beers are added. Keep informed on the new kegs by visiting our website or following our Facebook Page

Growler Bottles

We have an assortment of Growler bottles available. Our specialized Growler bottles provide the freshest and longest lasting product, however you can bring in your own bottle providing the bottle is clear in color and has a secured cap. Please refer to our staff for more details.

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